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Is your institution ready to deal with a disaster??


Disasters can come in all shapes and sizes, from natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes) to emergencies resulting from an accident (burst water pipe), deferred maintenance (leaking roof), or negligence (fire or mold). An effective response will be determined by how well prepared you are to deal with a disaster.


dPlan-RI can help you create a plan for disaster preparedness, prevention, and response. Enter data into the online template to create a customized disaster plan for your institution. This plan will help you:


  • prevent or mitigate disasters,
  • prepare for the most likely emergencies,
  • respond quickly to minimize damage if disaster strikes, and
  • recover effectively from disaster while continuing to provide services to your community.

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dPlan-RI has been adapted from dPlan, an online disaster-planning template, for use by Rhode Island collections-based cultural heritage organizations. Adaptations, changes, additions, and training were implemented by Protecting the Past - RI, a project of the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) with support from the Rhode Island State Archives. The project was funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Connecting to Collections initiative.

The original dPlan was prepared by the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. The development of the original template was funded by IMLS and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).
The Online Disaster-Planning Tool for Cultural & Civic Institutions